Are You, like, into Math?

gastown_72Here’s the latest reportage drawing I did at Gastown, it’s really one of my favourite places to draw in Vancouver. I tried to include as many iconic symbols that represent Gastown as I could – cobblestones, bricks, the beautiful Victorian lamps, the Flatiron-esque building, people eating and drinking, the statue of Gassy Jack, the metallic chains and posts, and the gorgeous Vancouver fall foliage.

A stranger stopped to watch me draw as I carved the cobblestones on the ground and laid bricks on the buildings. She asked me if I was into math because she thought my drawing was “clean and precise”. I thought most random strangers would’ve said my drawing was spontaneous or messy, so that was a very flattering and interesting thing to say, it totally made my day!

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Dr. Sketchy Vancouver

So I finally made it to this “Dr. Sketchy” thing I’ve been hearing about all over the place. It’s a life drawing event at a local diner / bar that features a burlesque model. This month’s theme is the TV show Breaking Bad, which unfortunately I can’t say I’m familiar with.

01The venue was packed with fellow drawers. I loved the beautiful wallpapers. The sun shone brightly through the doors – perfect day for a beer (or two).

02Started off with some one-minute poses. I love quick poses, they really get your adrenaline pumping! The quickness forces you to stop thinking and just react to what’s happening in front of you. These quick ones often set the tone for the rest of the session.


It was my first time at a Dr. Sketchy’s event, and I really enjoyed the sequential aspect of it. The model started off covered in a yellow plastic suit and a pair of goggles, and in fun and dramatic fashion took off her clothes from pose to pose, allowing great storytelling potentials.

04050607The model had a very retro, pin-up, look and feel, so I tried to incorporate a little Jules Chéret and Alfonse Mucha into some of the designs.

08During the intermission the model came out and did a little strip tease dance. It was the funnest part to draw!



The session ended with some longer poses. At this point the beers started kicking in so I just relaxed and drew.

What a way to spend a Sunday evening – friends, drawing, burlesque, and beers!

Plastic Dynamism

Happy belated New Year, everyone! I hope y’all had a grand holiday. I had some time off from work and was able to go home and see my family and get some rest, and now I’m ready for an awesome 2013 🙂

I stumbled upon this little video uploaded by the MoMA today of one of my favourite artists from one of my favourite art movements of the last century.

Umberto Boccioni and the Italian Futurists have been a huge influence of mine. Check out a couple of my older illustrations inspired by Plastic Dynamism:


 That about wraps it up for today. See you soon!

Training Room

It has been snowing like crazy here in Vancouver. There is nothing better to do than cozying up with a cup of tea and a sketch book. To the lab we go!

“One must study the same subject over again ten times, a hundred times. In art nothing must resemble an accident, not even movement.”

-Edgar Degas

“We Need Emotional Content”

“What was that, an exhibition? We need emotional content. …not anger!”

-Bruce Lee

Here’s some candy for your brain, courtesy of an often overlooked philosopher in Bruce Lee. In fact, there’s a lot more where this one came from. For an artist, there’s no better way to meditate on it than drawing!

Happy Friday everybody!

A Relaxing Afternoon at Vancouver’s Japanese Garden

Happy Labour Day weekend! I have worked very hard this summer and was looking forward to enjoying some time off. It’s a perfect opportunity to visit Vancouver’s Nitobe Memorial Garden. What a gorgeous day it was and the sun was hitting the garden in the most marvellous of ways. I pulled out some watercolour and crayons, and spent most of the afternoon asking myself: what would Wolf Kahn do? Check out some of the paintings and drawings from today:

What I like most about this garden is how the views change from season to season. I visited the Nitobe Garden frequently earlier this year, working on a comic short. Think of this blog entry as a preview, because this new comic is about to be featured on soon!

Drawing Day at Central Library

Yesterday my friend Don and I hit Vancouver’s Central Library for an afternoon of drawing. The weather was gloomy, considering it’s already the end of July, but we were just glad it wasn’t raining.

The Central Library has always been one of a handful of things that makes me glad to be living in the city of Vancouver. Both the uniqueness of the architecture and the constant healthy flow of people make it a very fun place to draw. Also, if you’re into taking pictures, you’re sure have a field day here!

Bonus: here’s one of the drawings I did at the library last year –