I just got back from TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) 2015 and it was a great experience. I think it’s very important for authors and artists to build a healthy relationship with their readers, and it was a great pleasure getting to meet mine (you are the best <3).

I spent the next couple of days hanging out in Toronto. This city reminds me of New York so much, half the time I was there it felt like I was in a different country. Here are a few drawings from my trip:


Reportage Drawing Day: Bard on the Beach

topsBard on the Beach is a Vancouver thing, where plays by the Bard are performed, well, on the beach. This is my first one, and proved to be a pleasant surprise. Ladies and gentlemen – A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

setEven before the play began it was apparent that the entire production design takes on a very contemporary twist. I like the direction they took. I think the updated sensibility really appeals to the west coast audience.
theseusTheseus and Hippolyta.maleIdentities, particularly the lack of them, is a prominent theme in this play. Here is an illustration of the male characters’ identities blurred together.femaleAnd the female characters’ identities blurred.

puckPuck the deceptive and mischievous prankster.

oberon_titaniaOberon vs. Titania

titaniaTitania, close-up.

assTitania loves an ass!

tops02And one more drawing of the tops for the road!

cover_mockAlso did some thumbnails for book jackets. These are coming soon!

Are You, like, into Math?

gastown_72Here’s the latest reportage drawing I did at Gastown, it’s really one of my favourite places to draw in Vancouver. I tried to include as many iconic symbols that represent Gastown as I could – cobblestones, bricks, the beautiful Victorian lamps, the Flatiron-esque building, people eating and drinking, the statue of Gassy Jack, the metallic chains and posts, and the gorgeous Vancouver fall foliage.

A stranger stopped to watch me draw as I carved the cobblestones on the ground and laid bricks on the buildings. She asked me if I was into math because she thought my drawing was “clean and precise”. I thought most random strangers would’ve said my drawing was spontaneous or messy, so that was a very flattering and interesting thing to say, it totally made my day!

01 02 03 04

Japanese Tea Ceremony

I had the pleasure of experiencing a traditional Japanese tea ceremony a few weeks ago at Vancouver’s Nitobe Memorial Garden. The ceremony took place at a tea house located in the garden called Ichobo-an.

01“Ichibo” in Japanese means “one view”. Whereas the experience of the garden was meant to symbolize a journey through life from birth to death, the tea house offers a perfect view of the garden – a view of the journey of life from birth through death! Here’s what the view looks like from Ichobo-an.


 We got to the ceremony relatively late, so we ended up getting a terrific view of the back of the tea master’s head.


Everything in the ceremony had a symbolic meaning, from the decorations of the interiors to the tools and cups to the gestures of the tea master and the participants. There was a very particular way that you had to turn the tea cup before slurping the tea.


The Japanese ladies serving the tea were very sweet.

04Here’s a look at a couple of other participants at the tea ceremony.

03Lastly, when in Rome… here are some drawings done at the Nitobe Garden.

03 04 05

Well, that wraps it up for the Haikucomics related blog posts! I hope that the blog posts have increased your appreciation for the comics, and vice versa. It definitely was enjoyable for me making them. 🙂