VanCAF Report

What a blast this weekend at Vancouver Comic Arts Festival! Here are some highlights from the event, from my point of view:

-Meeting other awesome artists such as Elaine Will, Katie So, Wei Li, Cindy Chiang, Cloudscapcomics, and many others. Make sure you click on the links to check out their work!


-Am impromptu performance of the music in my new comic “My Eurydice” by three strangers!

dino_simpson_a-I am now a Simpson’s character, how cool is that? Courtesy of James Lloyd, who has been pencilling the Simpson’s comics for the last almost-14 years. I told him I look like a fusion of Edna and Milhouse, hah!

-Having worked on a project called Haikucomics, it was wonderful meeting Jessica Tremblay, who has been making cartoons about haiku since 2007!

Finally, it was great to be there to meet the gracious people who told me they enjoyed my work or bought my book. Many thanks to the new and old faces who showed up and showed their support <3