Rainbow Connection – Put the “Wonder” Back in Wonderful!

Science is great! Science is exciting because it is an attempt to fulfill our primitive curious impulse – the impulse to understand and explain how the world around us works. Science is inquisitive and unprejudiced; it teaches us to solve problems, to think critically, and to be intellectually independent – traits that lead to success in life, even if we don’t all grow up and become scientists.

Yet, it seems our general education places very little emphasis on these wonderful, beneficial qualities science can offer us. By the time we graduate from high school, we are practically trained to regard ‘Science’ as a school subject in which we memorize numbers, letters, and formulas so that we can spit them back at exam papers. Now, where’s the fun in that?

To promote scientific literacy, Urban-FairyTales.com is thrilled to present a series of illustrated posters for k-12 classrooms. These posters won’t merely try to convey scientific facts. In fact, they won’t be trying to do that at all – there are teachers and textbooks for that. Instead, through the power of art, these illustrations aim to kindle, foster, and remind us of the fire that lit up in our eyes when we learned about dinosaurs, meteors, stars, rainbows, and many more of nature’s wonders.

The first of these illustrations is inspired by this quote about the beauty in nature:

“Knowing how the rainbow works doesn’t make it less beautiful. It makes the rainbow MORE beautiful.”

Richard Feynman

I thought it would be appropriate to begin the series with the imagery of a rainbow – a symbol of connections, connections between heaven and earth, between human beings and a higher divinity, between reality and imagination, between Science and (Urban) fairy tales (hah!). We might each have our own opinions and beliefs, but that shouldn’t stop any of us from appreciating the beauty of a rainbow and understanding how it works!


I hope this illustration made you wonder about the wonderful world we live in. I will leave you with this little excerpt of a very inspiring interview with Richard Feynman. Make sure you check back soon for the next instalment of Scientific Literacy Illustrated Posters Series!