Are You, like, into Math?

gastown_72Here’s the latest reportage drawing I did at Gastown, it’s really one of my favourite places to draw in Vancouver. I tried to include as many iconic symbols that represent Gastown as I could – cobblestones, bricks, the beautiful Victorian lamps, the Flatiron-esque building, people eating and drinking, the statue of Gassy Jack, the metallic chains and posts, and the gorgeous Vancouver fall foliage.

A stranger stopped to watch me draw as I carved the cobblestones on the ground and laid bricks on the buildings. She asked me if I was into math because she thought my drawing was “clean and precise”. I thought most random strangers would’ve said my drawing was spontaneous or messy, so that was a very flattering and interesting thing to say, it totally made my day!

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9 thoughts on “Are You, like, into Math?

  1. so sweet. Dino, you are the best one i know who draws the boring bricks so interesting. so sweet!

  2. Beautiful! Can’t draw it better with rulers and protractors and compasses! Into math? Yes if you can work out 3/8 of 100 in a minute!

  3. Dino, as always I love your work! I think I’ve read “Dear Beloved Stranger” about 3 times now. You’ve inspired me to make my own web comic. You could have easily been a shoe salesman or a chiropractor. Thank you for your work!

  4. Hi Dino, haven’t been herefor a while. Your drawings are always great, a pleasure to visit.

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