Drawing Day at Central Library

Yesterday my friend Don and I hit Vancouver’s Central Library for an afternoon of drawing. The weather was gloomy, considering it’s already the end of July, but we were just glad it wasn’t raining.

The Central Library has always been one of a handful of things that makes me glad to be living in the city of Vancouver. Both the uniqueness of the architecture and the constant healthy flow of people make it a very fun place to draw. Also, if you’re into taking pictures, you’re sure have a field day here!

Bonus: here’s one of the drawings I did at the library last year –

5 thoughts on “Drawing Day at Central Library

    • Thanks Don. I really like how the fountain pen changed the way you draw and what you did with it. Have fun in Portland and have a safe trip!

    • Thanks Marc! Feel free to contact me if you want to purchase any digital print if you see anything you like. Say hi to Westin and the girls for me!

  1. These are great. Do you do commissions? I am doing a project for a client and your vision would be perfect to tell the story I am tasked with sharing.

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