Dance Rehearsal

I had the opportunity yesterday to sit in on a rehearsal observing and drawing two phenomenal dancers getting ready for their upcoming performance, what a treat!
It was quite a mental workout trying to keep up with their movement. Here are some highlights from the session.
02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13After observing the two dancers for a couple of hours I started doing some quick storyboards. These are attempts to interpret the dancers’ vocabulary that I observed: their expression, the dynamic between the dancers, their pacing and change of pace, and their sensitivity.
If you are in the Greater Vancouver area, Dario and Carissa will be performing at the Scotiabank Dance Centre at 677 Davie Street on Wednesday at 6pm. It’s free, and I’ve had a sneak peak and can tell you it’s fantastic, so make sure you go check them out for yourself!

Remembrance Day


I got to spend a little time with the sun out at Victory Square, Vancouver today, where people paid their respect to our veterans in front of the cenopath on Remembrance Day. It was very touching to see people of all ages and ethnicities putting their poppies on the wreaths. We have a lot to be thankful for, living in this great country!

I’m Still Here!


This is partially the reason I haven’t been posting much lately, and by partial, I mean there is literally a stack of’em where these come from. But fear not, I have something in the works for you, all 3 of you that check this blog on a regular basis. Have faith and come back soon for more comics! xo